We have not seen the “Next Generation” crew together since Star Trek Nemesis (what a terrible film). But the entire crew (including Tasha) are back in season 3 of Star Trek Picard.

The executive producer has explained that the old crew are spread out across the galaxy in season three and will face a new villain., Although little has been revealed about her. But we will get to find out in February 2023 when the show is released on the Paramount Plus streaming platform.

The trailer dropped today for Star Trek Day, and it shows a Dr Crusher requesting help from Admiral Picard. The clip also shows Picard searching for a ship (the Titan) where its first officer Commander Seven of Nine welcomes them aboard. Picard is not the one who shouts engage. It’s Seven… Will we get a Seven series?

USS Titan?

As Picard Season 3 takes place in the early 2400s, this new USS Titan design is a successor to Captain Riker’s first command — the “neo-Constitution-class Titan-A,” as showrunner Matalas described it to the TrekCore team on the Star Trek Day red carpet today — featuring a round saucer section and warp nacelles similar to last season’s USS Stargazer design.


The 2380-era Luna-class USS TITAN, as depicted in STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS.

So far we have had cameos from fan favourites on the Picard Series. But there have been some glaring omissions such as Worf and Gordie not to mention Dr Crusher. Worf seems to be in a Captain’s uniform while Gordie could be in an Admiral’s uniform.

We will also get to see Brent Spiner return, though obviously not as Data. As well as Michelle Hurd as Raffi. However obviously Agnes (the Borg Queen now) will not return. Isa Briones will also not return.

Where is the Enterprise? Well is it ENterrpise E or F at this point in time? It’s impossible to know. But Patrick Steward has mentioned in the past that we will again see the Enterprise D at least once – assumedly in a flashback sequence as before when we saw ten-forward.

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