The next big Apple event is scheduled for just one day. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to be a major upgrade this year, with the standard iPhone 14 receiving perhaps fewer features. Of course, no one really knows what will be announced that the event tomorrow, but as with all of these Apple events it will be one of the technological events of the year for Apple enthusiasts.

We don’t know when the release date will be, but it will be announced tomorrow, September 7th. Usually, preorders follow quickly after the announcement. It is unknown also if worldwide supply change issues will have a knock-on effect on the release date.

Regarding the iPhone 14 Pro Chip Mark Gurman states “This year, for the first time since Apple started designing its own processors, the company won’t be upgrading the chip inside of its main new iPhone. This fall’s entry-level iPhone 14 models will retain the A15 chip from last year, with only the Pro version getting a new A16 processor.”

The notch. That little black cutout at the top centre of your iPhone – Looks like it will remain – but some reports are stating it will have a more of a “floating” “pill” like shape and allow for more icons on the top of the iPhone screen.

In terms of colours, we can expect the usual space grey, silver and gold. Lately, Apple has been feeling colours more and we could also expect a green and possibly purple iPhone.

The display – Rumors on the display have been sketchy – But a major update in iOS 16 beta has mentioned the possibility of a possible always-on display – much the same as offered in the Apple Watch and has been on Android devices for some time.

The iPhone 14 Pro camera will l feature a new Ultra-Wide camera with a larger sensor for better low light sensitivity as predicted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In terms of battery life and charging speed the entire iPhone14 line-up is expected to get a bump up.

Cost: As the name, “Pro” would suggest this phone will be expensive. You can expect 100-200 euros more than last year’s models. With inflation and supply chain issues this could be even more”

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